International Young Inventors Project Olympiad

I am Suleymanova Aylin. In the dates 21.04.2016 – 23.04.2016 I took part in the IYIPO (International Young Inventors Project Olympiad). There I have presented my project “Mathematical Modeling of Metal – Based Nanoparticles”. This project got the 1st place and gold medal in physics nomination. The project would give a big advantage to future generation while providing a better quality material with high electricity – conduciveness. It would let invent new methods in medicine and intensively improve agriculture.

The contest was hold for already 10th time by Ministry of Georgia. For this event the representatives of many Georgian ministries (such as Minister of culture and monuments, Minister of sport and youth, Minister of education and Mayor of Tbilisi) and international jury were invited. The Olympiad was hold in six nominations (physics, chemistry, biology/ecology, mathematics, and engineering and computer science). Parallel to Azerbaijan a big range of 40 countries 100 projects and 150 participants took part in it.


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