School History


1 september 2001 – Knowledge day!


15 september 2012 – Knowledge day!

There is a place in Baku with panoramic views of the entire city. Every one standing on this point finds the dearest site of his/her hometown. And every graduate of the school No 6 is looking for a building, where he spent perhaps the best years. And he is looking for that school with great pride because that’s where he learnt to love and hate, that’s the school where he got to know teachers who educated generations of people who worked for the prosperity of Azerbaijan in politics, art, medicine. These are the people who are proud to have graduated from the SCHOOL NO 6.

The history of the school dates back to the beginning of the past century when it was built with the assistance available from Zeynalabdin Tagiyev that applied European teaching criteria. Official sources say that already in 1910 there were two schools in the Lebedinskiy street, house 2 – the Lermontov school and Russian-Tatar school No 2. The school was administered by Mahmudbey Mahbudbeyov.

Afterwards Lermontov school was transformed into the school No 6 of the first category, located in Baku’s Voroshilov district.

During the World War II the school served as a military hospital No 1132 and immediately after the war the building had become a school for boys. In 60s the school was known as the sixth athletic. The school was known for sports thanks to physical education teacher Yurfild Leonid Eduardovich. The school also hosted a greenhouse that collected some rare plants.

Under the leadership of academician Tofiq Ismayilov and physics teacher Shlimak Arnold Minayevich, the Museum of History of Space Exploration was created that demonstrated some rare exhibits and the exhibits created by students. Until 1992 classes were in Russian only, since 1992 lessons are taught both in Russian and in Azerbaijani.

Throughout its history several directors had managed the school and each of them who were indeed distinguished teachers had left a unique trace. And throughout the period some of the country’s renowned people graduated from the school. The page “alumnus” tells more about the graduates. But we would like to emphasize some of the special occasions. Heydar Aliyev, the then First Secretary of Azerbaijan’s Communist Party attended the 1977 graduation party.

After many years, Heydar Aliyev, already the President of Azerbaijan, attended the school on 1 September 2001, on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge and expressed his deep gratitude for educating his son Ilham Aliyev who is an alumna of the school.  He said he was sure that the school No 6 would always remain the most progressive school of the country. Students and teachers have proved it when the school was named “the best school of the year” in 2008 and 2013. Under the Presidential Order the old building of the school was demolished and the new building was erected which would become a new page in the history…

Dear alumna!

This request is being addressed to each one of you personally and collectively.

School years…who wouldn’t want to go back to those light-hearted and happy years? School bell noise, breaks, lessons, favorite teachers and classmates, favorite subjects…memories.

We really want to bring you back, even for short period, to that light-hearted past, by creating a museum – the archive of the sixth, and we need your assistance. What do we need? Not very much – please send photos, videos and other materials that will become the main fund of our school museum, to the mentioned address.

Thanking everyone in advance who will take part in the creation of the museum – the archive of the sixth!